Policies, Laws and Regulations

This section on Policy, Laws and Regulations is under construction. A brief overview is available now. The page should be completed by May, 2013.

Public policy has a substantial impact on aging services. Policy at federal, state and local levels provide the authorization and framework for services, and identify priorities for funding. This includes federal policies which established Title XX, The Older Americans Act and its funding, as well as state policies and funding through the state’s agency on aging. Many counties and municipalities also have policies that shape and support local services, as well as local funding for the local government’s priorities.

Well constructed policies identify goals and priorities in such a way that older adults have access to a range of resources, from education and outreach to center based care, home care and institutional care.

The federal laws like the Older Americans Act identify goals and service priorities and provide a broad policy framework and much of the core funding for services that are based in local senior centers.

  • Title XX funding flows primarily to the states, which then allocate funding to the state’s network of senior centers and nonprofit organizations.
  • State governments have Agencies on Aging develop goals and policies to support services to older adults. They administer the federal Title XX funds and state funds, and provide oversight and support to Senior Centers and nonprofit organizations.
  • Local government entities include county governments and municipal governments. Many provide some level of funding to support services to older adults.

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