New Waves of Older Clients or Patients Coming for Many Community Agencies? | waves of older patients

Many community health and human service agencies will find that their client or patient workload will shift at the beginning of 2014, which could mean that there will be new waves of older adult clients or patients coming to many community agencies. Why? Because most states have increased the number of people that will be covered by Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, this means that additional people will be registered and covered for a range of health care, mental health, substance abuse, home care and other services.

Although the ratio of increase and the types of services covered differs between the states, most will find that older adults that qualify for Medicaid will have an expanded base of services available to them. What services are available? How will people know what to expect?

Waves of older adult patients could pose scheduling and other challenges.

  • Check the Affordable Care Act information for your state. Most states have separate websites dedicated to this issue.
  • Search for articles about the Affordable Care Act transition in your state using web search tools.
  • Talk with health care providers or people involved in aging services in your community.

Watch for updates on the Affordable Care Act on

Waves of older patients:

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<h1>Waves of Older Patients<h1>
<h2>Waves of Older Patients<h2>

 <h3>Waves of Older Patients<h3>

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One Response to New Waves of Older Clients or Patients Coming for Many Community Agencies? | waves of older patients

  1. Susan says:

    It’s a shame that people face these challenges. It’s so hard to tell what is available and what isn’t available. Thank you for keeping me and the rest of the world up to date!

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