Moving MamaTable of Contents | Moving Mama Table of Contents

The Moving Mama Table of Contents is listed below. Moving Mama is filled with short stories about our experience caring for mother during her final years with Alzheimer’s. Each chapter covers a different aspect of care. The topics cover most of the issues we face in providing care to a loved one who has some form of dementia. At the end of each chapter, the reader will find a helpful discussion about the issues we face, resources available, and strategies for coping that come from a blend of real life experience and thirty years of consulting in the field.

The Moving Mama Table of Contents provides readers with a “sneak peek.” The book’s framework will undoubtedly change with editing. I will be updating the Table of Contents as we edit the book, so please check back for updates.  And, please share your questions, comments and suggestions for Moving Mama Table of Contents in the comment box below. Comments are monitored because, unfortunately, autobloggers send out an unbelievable amount of junk in the hope of occasional “hits.” I’ll check and respond to comments as quickly as I can.

Moving Mama Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Our Story
  1. Difficult Discoveries
  2. The Will and the Government
  3. Protecting Her Finances
  4. Standing Up to Others (Retrospective)
  5. Summer Visit, Santa Fe and Travel Challenges
  6. Hiring, Firing and Blowing Smoke
  7. Considering Options for her Care
  8. When They Forget Who You Are
  9. Striking Out at Us
  10. Taking Care of Ourselves: Mindfulness and Self Care
  11. Tough Choices and Taking Charge
  12. Difficult Family Relationships (Retrospective)
  13. Spinning the Yarn
  14. Farewell Party and Packing
  15. Driving Down to Georgia
  16. A History of Playacting (Retrospective)
  17. Getting Adjusted to the New Space
  18. How we Found What Could Engage Her
  19. The Magic of Music
  20. Friskies and Milk for Breakfast
  21. Health Problems, Hospital and Rehab
  22. TSA Mishaps Mess up Travel
  23. Afternoon Drives in the Bighorns
  24. Nutritional Challenges: Getting Her to Eat
  25. Trying Depends: RX from Her Father, Dr. Whorton
  26. Skin Treatments: New Language for the Bath
  27. Taking Time and Living in the Now
  28. Managing Sundowners: Her Mother’s Summer at Columbia
  29. Simple Pleasures
  30. Her Last Day: Debussy, Mozart and the 23rd Psalm
  31. The Next Days for Us: Putting One Foot in Front of the Other
  32. Special Words from Unexpected Places
  33. Managing her Estate
  34. A Red Cross Flag on her Coffin
  35. Back Home Again
  • Appendix A: Additional Resources, Tools and Keys for Managing
  • Appendix B: The Impact of Health Policy on Access to Care: What You Can Do To Affect Resources

Anne Hays Egan is an organizational and health systems planning consultant, speaker and trainer, researcher, and published author.

Moving Mama Table of Contents was last updated March 23, 2013.

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Core Community Resources for Older Adults
Moving Mama: A Peek at the Book

Moving Mama Table of Contents

Moving Mama Table of Contents

Moving MAMA Table of Contents

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