Check Your Benefits

One of the greatest ways to check your benefits is the website called “Benefits Check-Up.”  Run by the National Council on Aging, a large national nonprofit, Benefits Check Up lets you see what benefits may be available to you.

If you are caring for an elderly parent, the costs often mount quickly. As a parent becomes more frail and in need of care, there may be resources to help with that care, and benefits available. You can check your benefits for large programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, as well as other programs such as personal care, respite services, transportation and other programs.

The website also lets you check out other programs that might be available to help you with food and utility costs, help paying for prescriptions and other costs.

Many professionals in the field have highly recommended this resource, which allows you to look into local, state and federal programs from your computer at home. It’s managed by an unbiased, national organization, which means that recommendations are objective and researched. Providers are not paying for listings or recommendations.

So, check your benefits and see what might be available to help you.

Anne Hays Egan: Check Your Benefits
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<h1>Check Your Benefits<h1>
<h2>Check Your Benefits<h2>
<h3>Check Your Benefits<h3>

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