Anne Hays Egan’s Bio | Anne Hays Egan’s Bio

Anne has consulted with nonprofit agencies, foundations, government entities and interagency networks since 1987. She is the Principal at New Ventures Consulting, the firm she has headed since 1992. Prior to that time, she worked as a consultant with Development Dimensions International, and principal with The Leadership Consortium. She worked as a consultant and pastor with the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. and as a social worker and social work manager with the American National Red Cross.

Anne published and edited the first national newsletter devoted to nonprofit organizational development, The Digest of Nonprofit Management, from 1987 through 1992, which was sold to The Taft Group. She edited Taft’s Nonprofit Management Strategies.  Her work has been recognized by the Alliance for Nonprofit Management, United Way of America, United Way of Santa Fe County, United Way of Northern New Mexico, New Mexico Association of Grantmakers, NGO New Mexico and Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO).

Anne is also known in national and international nonprofit circles as a researcher and publisher. She presented papers (juried review) to Independent Sector, including “Dealing with the Digital Divide: Challenges and Sector Responses,” with Sarah Williams and “Elements for Successful Inter-Sectoral and Cross-Sectoral Collaboration in an Era of Change, Devolution and Institutional Rationalization: Findings from Applied Research and Consultation,” with Art Cross and Robert Mayer. She presented “New Mexico Civil Society and Devolution: Assets, Contradictions & Challenges,” to the 2000 International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) Biennial Conference in Dublin, Ireland; the paper was published in ISTR Conference Proceedings. And, she co-authored “The Transformation of the Nonprofit Sector: Systemic Crisis and the Political Economy of Aging Services,” with Carroll L. Estes and Robert R. Albord, in Social Policy and Aging, (Sage Publications, 2001, Carroll L. Estes, editor).

Anne has managed many successful community consulting projects, research activities and publications.  For more detailed information, her full resume or other materials, please send her a request in the comment space below with your email. She will send you the requested materials.


Anne Hays Egan’s Bio
Last Updated July, 2013

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Anne Hays Egan’s Bio

Anne Hays Egan’s Bio

Anne Hays Egan’s Bio

Bio Anne Hays Egan’s Bio

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