Anne Hays Egan

This section provides my bio, with information about my consulting, workshops, speaking engagements, research and publications. For over thirty years, I have been a resource to organizations that have as their mandate caring for others. Let’s talk about how I can be a resource to you..

I am now scheduling workshops and speaking engagements for late 2013 and 2014.

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Anne Hays Egan’s Bio
Anne Hays Egan: Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Other Helpful Links:
Moving Mama: A Peek at the Book
Older Adult Demographic Trends: Get Ready to Rock Your World
Workplace Elder Care Resources
Moving Mama
Core Community Resources
Nonprofits Online

Moving Mama: Caring for Elderly Parents
Last revised April 2, 2013

Anne Hays Egan

Anne Hays Egan

Anne Hays Egan

<h1>Moving Mama: Caring for Elderly Parents<h1>

<h2>Moving Mama: Caring for Elderly Parents<h2>

<h3>Moving Mama: Caring for Elderly Parents<h3>

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